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Servo Brake Fluid - DOT 3

Servo Brake Fluid - DOT 3 is designed specifically to perform in today's extreme temperature braking systems. Formula of Servo Brake Fluid meets or exceeds dot 3 specifications.Servo BF3 is a specially blended fluid which confirms with the following standards :

FMVSS NO.116 DOT3, SAE J1703 and JIS K2233 BF-3


For all ABS, disc and drum brake systems as well as hydraulic clutches requiring DOT 3 fluids.
Performance Features and Benefits
1-Servo Brake Fluid uses in all hydraulic drums, disc brakes and hydraulic clutches that    require dot 3 fluids.
2-Servo Brake Fluid mixes with regular brake fluids.
3-Servo Brake Fluid provides an excellent flow at low temperatures for superior braking  response.
4-Servo Brake Fluid meets American Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 116.
Specifications & Properties  

Equilibrium reflux Boiling Point :

205 C - Min

Wet Boiling Point :

140 C - Min

Kinematic Viscosity :

1.5 cst - Min

PH :

7.0 Min

These characteristics are typical of current production. While future production will confirm to Servo's specifications, variations in these characteristics may occur.


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Health & Safety

Extended exposure to skin could be hazardous. Wash hands after coming in contact. Keep away from eyes.
Protect the Environment
Take used brake fluid to an authorized collection point. Do not dispose off into drains, soil or water


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