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Super 500

Heavy Duty Multi-Grade Motor Oils for Tractors, Trucks, Buses and SUVs

Super 500 Oils are advanced high TBN/low-ash Heavy Duty motor-oils for longer oil and engine life in virtually all types of Diesel Engines - 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke Diesel Engines


Suitable for all Cars, SUVs, Trucks and Farm Tractors designed to perform in tough Hot and Dust environment.

Performance Features and Benefits

ZDDP (Zinc Dialkyl Dithio Phosphate) is part of the chemistry which makes this Diesel Engine Oil special. It provides the Lube Oil with better anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, anti-wear, hydrolytic stability, emulsion resistance and good thermo stability.

Blended with Extra additives to neutralize the effects of sulfur present in Diesel Fuels.

Extended drain capabilities due to high TBN helping Cars and Light-Truck owners achieve maximum drain flexibility

Multi-Grade viscosity ensures peak performance in hot and cold weather

Excellent shear stability and an enhanced soot control additive system provide outstanding viscosity control throughout the drain interval for consistent lubrication and wear protection

Product is manufactured as per SAE and API specifications mentioned on the product

Specifications & Properties Test Method






Viscosity@40C :


D 445

Viscosity@100C :


D 445

Viscosity Index :

120 Min

D 2270

Flash Point C :

220 Min

D 92

Pour Point :

- 18 Max

D 97


10 Min

D 2896

Sulfated Ash, %wt :

1.0 Min

D 874

Color :

4 Max

D 1500

Specific Gravity @15.6C :

to be reported

D 1298

Copper Strip Corrosion @100C for 3hrs :

1 Max

D 130

These characteristics are typical of current production. While future production will confirm to Servo's specifications, variations in these characteristics may occur.



4x4L - 2x8L - 205L Drum

Health & Safety

Extended exposure to skin could be hazardous. Wash hands after coming in contact. Keep away from eyes.
Protect the Environment
Take used oil to an authorized collection point. Do not discharge into drains, soil or water


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