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Bearing Caps
Since Bearing Caps are machined when they are coupled together with the cylinder block by the engine manufacturers, it is very important that a bearing cap's casting is defect free otherwise if a defect is detected in a bearing cap while it is being machined coupled with the engine block, both of them will be rejected and since the block is much more expensive than the Caps the engine manufacturer cannot afford to use inferior quality Bearing Caps. 
All melting at Chicago Metal Works is done on medium frequency induction type electric furnaces.
We run a complete wet and metallographic laboratory in-house.  
The melting engineer makes sure of the integrity of the composition by on-sight use of CE meter and digital pyro-meter.  

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At Chicago Metal Works Bearing Caps are statically casted using state of the art foundry machinery. 
Metallurgical structure of all Bearing Caps is maintained as per the requirements of the customer.
Machining of our Bearing Caps is done on special purpose machine tools. 
We run a design department with up to date version of auto-cad software.
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