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Monthly Sales Meeting & Prizes Distribution Ceremony held at Chicago Head Office Multan on July 28,2017.





                                                                                                                             Posted Date : July 2017

Monthly Sales Meeting & Prizes Distribution Ceremony held at Chicago Head Office Multan on December 27,2016.





                                                                                                                             Posted Date : December 2016

Monthly Sales Meeting & Prizes Distribution Ceremony held at Chicago Head Office Multan on October 16,2015.





                                                                                                                             Posted Date : October 2015

4th All Pakistan Mangla Open Golf championship organized by Servo Motor Oil.Events are an excellent opportunity to meet with us face-to-face and easy way to know how we serving our society.Servo Motor Oil is offering Jeep as reward of "Hole in One" in 4th Admore All Pakistan Golf Championship.










                                                                                                                             Posted Date : April 2015

Successfully Fixing & Painting Galvanized Iron Sheets in Chicago Head Office for Parking.


                                                                                                                             Posted Date : Nov 2014

Monthly Sales Meeting & Prizes Distribution Ceremony held at Chicago Head Office Multan on October 10,2014


                                                                                                                             Posted Date : Oct 2014

Servo Moto Oil participated in an exhibition organized by POGEE (PAKISTAN OIL, GAS & ENERGY EXHIBITION ) at Expo Center Lahore. In concurrence of this three day event servo motor oil introduced its products. During the exhibition many companies' representatives showed their interest in Servo Motor Oil products.


                                                                                                                             Posted Date : MAY 2014

Servo Motor Oil is soon launching HandHeld Devices for her sales officers in the field. These devices, when synchronized with SAP B1 will allow real time updation of the data. Moreover Servo Motor oil is updating its database which will include bar codes for all its products. These bar codes will be utilized by the handheld devices servo motor oil is deploying.


                                                                                                                             Posted Date : May 2014

Servo Motor Oil (Pvt) Ltd. signs a technology transfer agreement with Petroecco JV Ltd.
Poland Petroecco JV Ltd. a prominent automotive grease making company of Poland which supplies speciality greases such as polly-urea etc. to France, Germany, Canada and other countries has signed a technology transfer agreement with Servo Motor Oil (Pvt) Ltd.
Servo Motor Oil (Pvt) Ltd. will manufacture various very high quality polly-urea greases utilizing the Petroecco's patened technology.These Greases are designed to perform in wheel bearings, sliding surfaces and other demanding situations.
The management of Servo Motor Oil (Pvt) Ltd. is very hopefull to provide much needed high quality greases at economical prices for the Pakistani market. These Greases will be available in the Pakistani Market by the end of May 2014.

The Master Grease Maker Mr.Jerzy A. Raszkiewicz CEO of Petroecco JV Ltd. Poland who has helped to develop very high quality greases as incharge of ELF Lubricants of France is visiting Servo Motor Oil (Pvt) Ltd. in April 2014
                                                                                                                             Posted Date : April 2014


Servo Motor Oil has launched Servo Brake Fluid DOT-3.Servo Brake Fluid - DOT 3 is designed specifically to perform in today's extreme temperature braking systems.
Servo Brake Fluid DOT-3 will be available in market from November 1,2013.

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Sales Meeting and Prize Distribution Ceremony held at Head Office Multan on September 13,2013.
                                                                                                                        Posted Date : September 2013



Chicago Group proudly announces successful implementation of the SAP ERP Solution.
SAP Solution will boost business performance at operational and management level.
                         ;                           ;                           ;                           ;                        Posted Date : July 2013

Chicago Group has launched a new project to make a cheaper source of energy available to Pakistani Market.The ECO Process Plant, with production capacity of 15 tons per day.

Through ECO Process cheaper sources of energy can be produced which is very vital in our energy deficient economy.

The Plant has designed and manufactured in-house.
                         ;                           ;                           ;                           ;                        Posted Date : October 2012
Chicago Group has successfully launched their Non Drop Greases under their brand name “Servo”.
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                                                                                                                                  Posted Date : August 2012
Chicago Group has successfully launched their Semi Synthetic range of lubricating oil products under their brand name “Servo”.
                                                                                                                                  Posted Date : April 2012
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