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Who Are We:

  • Chicago Group is based in Multan, Pakistan. The group consists of the following companies:

  • Servo Motor Oil (Pvt) Ltd.

    Manufacturing Unit- All types of Lubricants and Greases for Commercial and Industrial use.

    Manufacturing Unit- All types of Oil and Air Filters.

  • Riverside Raw Materials (Pvt) Ltd.

    Manufacturing Unit- Vital Wheat Gluten & Wheat Starches and related products.

  • Traxx VTMS (Pvt) Ltd.

    Service Provider- Specialist in providing tracking solutions for Fleets & individual vehicles- All Pakistan coverage....

  • Sidra Foods (Pvt) Ltd.

    Manufacturing Unit- Breads, Snacks and related products.

  • Chicago Metal Works (Pvt) Ltd.

    Manufacturing Unit- All types of Cylinder Liners, Bearing Caps & Brake Parts for Internal Combustion Engines and Farm Tractors.

  • M.Shah Muhammad & Sons (Pvt) Ltd.

    Manufacturing Unit- All types of Pistons for Internal Combustion Engines & various precision parts for the Defense Industry.

  • MSM Packages

    Manufacturing Unit- All types of Corrugated Boxes and Sheets.

  • Oil & Filter Company

    Distribution Company- Sells Lubricants, Greases and Spare Parts all over Pakistan.

  • Sidra Foods & Beverages

    Distribution Company- Sells Food Products all over Pakistan.

What Do We Do:

  • The Group has diversified itself into the following categories:

  • Automotive:

    We are one of the very few companies in the world who are engaged in the manufacturing of Engine Parts and Lubricants simultaneously. This gives us the unique opportunity to study the problems caused by friction and to come up with solutions. Our R&D is constantly improving upon the Materials of which our engine parts and our Lubricants and Greases are made. Our Goal is to reduce friction in all mechanical systems. Reduced friction always results in reduced energy costs and longer life of the mechanical components....

  • Foods:

    We are the only company in Pakistan making Wheat based Proteins & Starches and their related products. Our Food Labs are constantly striving to improve the nutritional value in our products to help improve the health of our Nation.

  • Packages:

    Our state of the Art Sheet Corrugation Plant along with the in-house Graphic Designing creates the most economical and beautiful packing materials for a diverse client group.

  • Distribution:

    With one of the largest distribution networks in Pakistan we distribute and sell our products all over Pakistan.

  • Tracking:

    Not only do we manage our own distribution fleet but we also help others manages their fleets through our in-house developed Fleet Management System.

Our Purpose & Our People:

  • Our Purpose:

    To provide the Pakistani people with very economical, high quality products and services which help improve their standard of living.

  • Our People:

    May it be the PhD doctors working in our Labs or Day laborers working on the loading docks we are all a team. This team spirit is helping us grow to be a great company in Pakistan's business landscape.

Chairman Message

My father Mian Shah Muhammad turned into a Truck Mechanic from a Farmer in 1926, He was 26 years old then.
I joined his business of re-building engines in 1940 at the age of 14 and at the age of 83 I am still having fun creating products,and opportunities for the community that surrounds me.

At Chicago,Group we try very hard to manufacture best products,and deliver them to our customers at fair prices.
We have made a name for our products,in Pakistan and abroad through hard work and God"s help and we hope to keep doing the same for many generations to come.

Muhammad Iqbal Sarwar
Chairman"s Chicago Group

(Mian Muhammad Iqbal Sarwar wrote this message for our website in 2009. In 2012 he passed away but his wisdom and ethics will remain a guiding light for all of us.)

Group Business

License & Certifications

  • ISO 9001 - 2015

    Servo Motor Oil (Pvt) Ltd.

    M. Shah Muhammad & Sons (Pvt) Ltd.

  • Ministry of Petroleum License


  • Member Chamber of Commerce

    (Multan Chamber of Commerce)

  • Member NLGI

    (National Lubricating Grease Institute)

  • Member PAAPAM

    (Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts Accessories Manufacturers)

  • Member PFA

    (Pakistan Foundry Association)


Company News

Monthly Sales Meeting & Prizes Distribution Ceremony held at Chicago Head Office 6 April,2018.

4th All Pakistan Mangla Open Golf championship sponsored by Servo Motor Oil.

Servo Motor Oil introduces hand held devices for the DSD (Direct Store Delivery) Sales Teams.

Servo Motor Oil signs a technology transfer agreement with Petroecco JV Ltd. Poland.